About Laura Jane

Laura Jane

I am a designer based in beautiful Marlborough New Zealand. Creating and crafting has always been my outlet. I believe life can be lived too fast. That simple act of slowing down, stopping. I find it healing for my mind. Because when I slow down, when I stop, I notice.
Simple things, dew drops on grass, the grain of a piece of wooden furniture, all so beautiful without being perfect and without any interference. I am in awe of nature. Look around. Do you see any colours that look wrong? Any shapes that don’t fit? That is natural beauty.
Cue my love of leather. Each and every hide is different. Each one bearing marks, wrinkles and blemishes telling the story of that animal. Every one is unique, each beautiful in its own way and deserving the utmost respect and craftsmanship.
When I design I strive to capture that beauty and celebrate it. I want to share that beauty that I notice, that I see because I realise that most people live life ultra fast and so often we don’t take the time to stop and truly look. Every time you touch your handbag, open your handbag , smell that leather. I want you to slow down, breathe and remember that for all its quirks and flaws life is naturally beautiful.

For a sneak peek inside my life check out my instagram feed below.  Follow me on intstagram not only to see progress shots of upcoming creations and products, but to see what else im passionate about. My family, the beauty that surrounds us daily, photography and plants! Lots and lots of plants.